69-foot Canal Boat Outfitted with High-Tech Gear

>>> 69-foot Canal Boat Outfitted with High-Tech Gear

I know we see lots of articles about high-end yachts and their extensive electronic suites, but here’s a slightly different take on a English canal boat getting a full audio/visual install. I think the biggest difference is that it was approached from an A/V specialists viewpoint, and not a marine specialist. They obviously had some learning to do, but I know I’ve seen several times that you seem to be better off with non-marine solutions to certain problems.

And to think, it was even a good exercise program! 🙂

“We really had to find our ‘sea legs’ for this job,” Simon continues. “The space available to us to work meant that only one person could work one the vessel at any one time. We also had to park our vehicles several hundred meters away from the mooring which meant there was also lots of lifting and carrying involved in the job and our levels of fitness increased dramatically.

le boat

>>> le boat

I have no relationship or experience with them, but seems like an interesting opportunity to explore if you are wanting to rent a canalboat in Europe.


Le Boat’s intimate self-drive cruisers will open up a new way for you to discover Europe; your cruiser is your private floating villa giving you the freedom to travel at your own pace; stopping where you want and when you want, and best of all no experience or license is necessary.

Le boat offers these enchanting vacations in 8 European countries; France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England or Scotland experience the romance of the French countryside; cruise the Grand Canal of Venice or through the lush green landscape of Ireland; visit the tulip fields of Holland or stop for a pint at a local pub in England.

Whatever country you choose to explore you will take home with you cherished memories of a truly one of a kind vacation. Wherever you choose to explore you will take home cherished memories of a truly one of a kind holiday.


>>> Narrowboats.org

A couple of years ago (gee, has it been that long?) we pointed out Nick’s Canal Route Planner. A recent comment points out the new Narrowboats.org site, which I have enjoyed looking around.


Not only do they seem to have a detailed route planning tool, there is also an extensive gallery of British canal pictures, and (for the boat-builders/designers among us) a very neat, interactive narrowboat layout tool.

Narrowboats are great for an amateur doing interior design, since they are much more "house-like" than many boats. A constant width, fairly square cross section, and extensible to various lenghts, you have a lot of lee-way on interior layout. This tool let’s you drag and drop various common interior features together into your plan, then download the PDF of your masterpiece.

Welcome to Narrowboats.org a site that is dedicated to the canals and narrow boats in the United Kingdom. This is a new site offering access to a huge database of canal related information.

The canal planner alone uses more than 10,000 canal points digitised from the Google maps of our canal network; these are used to produce a personalized downloadable PDF document of your planned canal journey.