Ken’s Paper Boat Page

>>> Ken’s Paper Boat Page

This is a really slick site chronicling the use of ‘paper’ to build boats… from the 1800’s until the present day, this material has been used to build full sized boats. All of us who are interested in building and alternative materials will find something of interest here.

Paper Boats? Is this for real?

This web page is devoted to an obscure subject in the history of technology: the manufacture of full size boats from paper during the later half of the 19th century. Not toy boats, but boats people could ride around in; racing shells, canoes and rowboats. There was even at least one steam launch built. This may seem like an extremely odd thing to be doing, but it made sense at the time. (Trust me!) If you read elsewhere on these pages you’ll discover why. Start with the "Short History" below.

Today, amateur boat builders occasionally take a stab at making a paper boat for their own and other’s amusement. For several years there was even a quarterly newsletter for paper boat enthusiasts, appropriately named, "The Paper Boater".

Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets

>>> Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets

Lots of boatbuilding involves fitting cabinetry into odd and non-square shapes. One common way of dealing with this is mockups. Building a quick mockup out of cardboard or doorskin lets you try out different arrangements for pennies on the dollar compared to getting it wrong when building with high priced woods or other materials.

I ran across this article discussing a man who found a source for plastic rivets that are seemingly ideal to hold together cardboard. This looks like it could be a good idea for mockup building…

He currently sells the rivets that he buys in large quantities and also supplies plans for various "fun" things like children’s forts, firetrucks and castles. Check it out.