Mahogany Heart Throbs

>>> Mahogany Heart Throbs

Mahogany Heart Throbs

Dale Hamilton of Boomslang Boats, Inc. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is building modern mahogany runabouts reminiscent of the classic Hacker, Ditchburn and Chris Craft. Some really gorgeous looking boats.

About me: Boomslang Boats Inc is a one man boat building shop in the civil-war battle site town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I learned my craft by building ultra light mahogany epoxy-glass composite racing shells. I take these same techniques to building mahogany runabouts which are MUCH more exciting- in fact they will set your heart to throbbing. The boats are hand made from start to finish by one pair of hands and it generally takes the best part of a year- although I’m getting faster.

Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

>>> Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

Pachoud Yachts is a progressive boat building company specializing in the construction of epoxy composite motor yachts 15 – 50 metres in length. Dave Pachoud, started the business in 1987 in Rotorua. In 2000 Dave re-located the business to Tauranga, a prosperous city in a beautiful natural harbour on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Some impressive yachts… lots of boatbuilding in New Zealand, seems like. Maybe someday I can visit that part of the world. Several friends have been there and spoken highly of it.

Custom Steel Yacht Building – In Turkey

>>> Custom Steel Yacht Building – In Turkey

If you recall, Robin and Warren moved on from the Pepi to having a Beuhler Diesel Duck built in Turkey.

This is the web site of the builder, who they seem to have been very pleased with. Most of the commercially built Ducks have come from the far east it seems, but Turkey looks like it might be another viable alternative if you want to have a steel hulled craft built offshore.

Seems like a capable outfit… lots of 3D computer images, etc. on their site.

Enavigo Yachts

>>> Enavigo Yachts

Some really nice looking, modern build, classic wooden yachts. Also a very nice, colorful web site to drool over.

Welcome to the astonishing world of classic wooden sailing boats

Enavigo Yachts combine classical design features with high-spec modern equipment to build boats that boast more than the usual range of features. Using the latest production technologies we offer well-made, seaworthy and aesthetically pleasing wooden boats that stand apart from vessels crafted with today’s more modern materials. Our aim is to produce high quality, wooden boats that will satisfy both the hearts and minds of those that sail them. 

Budsin Wood Craft

>>> Budsin Wood Craft

Thanks to a pointer from an Electric Boats mailing list pointer, I found Budsin Wood Craft.

Budsin designs and builds electric powered "lake launches" in a handful of styles. Beautiful, classic looking boats that are built using modern methods and designed from the ground up for electric power. Can be purchased from $16,300 to $75,000. Check out the pages, information and pictures.