March Passagemaker – Duck Builders

PassageMaker Magazine, a good "print" magazine (that you can now also subscribe to online for a lower cost and much greater space savings) has a fairly detailed "pro’s and con’s" article on home building a cruising boat in this month’s issue. Concentrating on George Buehler’s Diesel Duck designs and the people building them, it seems a good recap of some of the things you need to think about.

The Building of Helge

>>> The Building of Helge

We’ve covered Wendell Gallagher and his gourgeous Diesel Duck before (and here), but I wanted to point him out again. He has gotten his own domain now ( and continues with detailed updates.

His woodworking skills about make me sick 🙂 I sure wish I could build like that. His most recent entry covers the "pedestal" for mounting his marine head… its just as nicely done as the other cabin furnishings. How many of us have that attention to detail?

Furled Sails podcast interview with George Buehler

>>> Furled Sails podcast interview with George Buehler

I mentioned the Furled Sails podcasts in the previous note, but wanted to draw specific attention to this edition. Its an in-depth interview with George Buehler, designer of the Diesel Ducks and other yachts.

Here’s their description:

George Buehler, self-taught yacht designer has a great philosophy on boats, he says “I like all kinds of boats; there are no absolutes I’ve come to realize, and more important, no boat is ‘practical’. So let’s not pretend; a boat is a toy, a fantasy, a thing to have fun with.” He helped build a replica of the 110′ schooner America and is the also the designer of the Diesel Duck. George is the author of Buehlers Backyard Boatbuilding and The Troller Yacht Book.