Seascape Photography Bundle

>>> Seascape Photography Bundle

Many boaters are into photography, and why not, there is so much beautiful scenery around the shorelines. I think the view is a large part of why many people are ‘out there’ anyhow.

The Seascape Photography Bundle is a new set of book that Trey Ratcliff (Stuck In Customs) is publishing.

Surprisingly low price for what I’m sure is a quality set. Check it out.

New ‘Managing the Waterway’ Book

>>> New ‘Managing the Waterway’ Book

The "On the Water" books are a good product, in my opinion. They are releasing a totally revamped edition of their hallmark Managing the Waterway ICW guide.

Just a quick note to let you know that this weekend Mark and I completed (yes, finally!) the "overhaul" of our Managing the Waterway ICW guide (popularly known as "the Blue Book")!

That mile-by-mile cockpit guide— our first of today’s eight titles —was originally published in 2005 and has been updated twice yearly via email newsletters.

Well it’s been three years and six sloooooooow trips up and down the ICW but we’ve completely redesigned and updated the contents and it’s now a new title in our On the Water AnchorGuide, CruiseGuide, and ChartGuide series:

CruiseGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW): A Mile-by-Mile Cruising Guide for Norfolk, VA to Miami, FL

This new book builds on the popular mile-by-mile layout of our original Managing the Waterway guide and still includes interpretive vignettes. But we’ve completely updated the content. And we’ve added extras such as:

  • Highlighted dockage and anchoring entries for "50 Frugal Favorites" (free docks and walls, commercial moorings, and buck-a-foot or less marinas) and "30 Favorite Anchorages" (some scenic, some utilitarian, but all deserving of being on your list of stops).

  • More "guidance" in the mile-by-mile navigation sections, such as advance warning of long stretches without anchorages or pet shore access, 18 persistent ICW trouble spots, reversing buoyage, and tricky turn-offs.

  • Greatly expanded descriptions of nearly 300 cruiser-appropriate marine facilities.

AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

Mark and Diana Doyle of On the Water Chart Guides have a pair of books covering anchoring on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Here’s what they have to say:

Just a quick note to let you know that this week Mark and I are launching two new books!

AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
Volume 1: Norfolk, VA to Beaufort, SC

AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Volume 2: Hilton Head, SC to Miami, FL

The PDF files were just uploaded to our printer and will take about 14 days to be printed and delivered to the fulfillment house.

But the really exciting part is, during that 14-day period, we’re offering a Pre-Print Web Special to our subscribers … you’ll receive 33% off any individual volume, or 42% off the two-volume bundle!

(A little background here … turn back the calendar two years.) As Mark and I slowly creep into an unfamiliar anchorage, we grit our teeth and hope for the best …

Sound familiar?

And, remember, Semi-Local draws less than 3 feet!

We knew there had to be a better way … thus began the "anchorage project."

The premise was … wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-color book of anchorages, based on official NOAA charts, showing you EXACTLY where to anchor?

With digital breadcrumb tracks, annotated with depths, leading you in and out of the anchorage?

And details on shore access and pet landing, wind protection, current, grocery store availability … and more?

For ICW first-timers, it would be a blessing. Here are nearly 300 anchorages, mooring fields, and free docks between Hampton, VA and Key
Biscayne, FL. Enjoy!

For ICW veterans, it might serve as a call to return to cruising versus commuting. We all slip into a rut, returning to the same familiar
anchorages. With "first-entry" stress reduced, why not drop the hook
somewhere new and explore a different creek or town?

To produce the new series we married the latest technology with old-fashioned hours of on-the-water surveying.

We re-visited each anchorage, multiple times, recording depths and tracks directly into our computers. What you see on each page is exactly what we saw on our laptops and chartplotter.

It’s like looking over our shoulders as we survey!

So, please, go take a look. There are two sample pages on our website. One
describes Hospital Point anchorage at "Mile Zero," the other details Fort
Matanzas anchorage along Florida’s First Coast.

Please remember, if you or a friend are interested in these guides, NOW is
absolutely the time to pre-order and take advantage of this 14-day special!

Thank you again for your kind support,


Jenny’s Journey

>>> Jenny’s Journey


Neat looking book about a great sounding cruise.

This is the author’s chronicle of exiting his familiar life, forsaking land and becoming a traveler on the sea. He shared your dreams, anxieties and questions. He had no ocean-going or large boat experience when he decided to make this change in his life. His adventure is testimony to the real possibility of living ‘The Dream’ and what you can expect along the way. It includes hundreds of stories about the challenges, magical moments in nature and wonderful people he embraced. It is also a cruising guide and unbiased account of his landfalls in the Pacific Northwest, California, west coast of Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos and Bahamas. It includes a web site address that has Jenny’s routes and tracks in downloadable form that you can import into several electronic chart plotters. They show exactly where Jenny went and anchored and can relieve you of some of the tedious charting work and worry.

The Unexpected Circumnavigation

>>> The Unexpected Circumnavigation

I haven’t read it, but sure looks like a good tale… Check out their blog, or the entire self-published book.

Christi and Eric Grab fully expected to circumnavigate the world, even though they had moments of doubt. But family, friends and self-styled experts on the dock were convinced the young couple, with relatively little boating experience, had little chance for success. Thus the name The Unexpected Circumnavigation for the four-volume account that Christi Grab has begun to produce, partially based on the detailed blog she and Eric maintained

Cruisin’ on Land

George Beuhler (of Diesel Ducks fame) has recently released a new book about his adventures in the RV world. There are lots of overlap between boating and camping (especially with RV’s). His down-to-earth style is sure to lead to some good insights if you also like some less liquid adventures in your travels.

Dr. Suess and boating

I am not a Dr. Suess fan… yes, I’ll admit it. Never cared for it. I can’t remember having liked his work even as a kid. Melanie and Dane, they love his stuff. As payback for various sins, I had to read various Dr. Suess books to Dane in his pre-reading days.

Little did I know that the (neverending) "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street" started with a boat story.

According to this nifty little kids biography, Dr. Suess was on a boat trip home from Europe when he became fascinated by the sound of the engine. The rhythm led him to write the "Mulberry Street" story. If you are a Dr. Suess fan, check out this kids book:

Sailmaker’s Apprentice

Sailmaker’s Apprentice

Saw some good reviews for this one, including a pretty detailed overview at Cool Tools (which is an interesting site to follow, anyhow.

Learn how to design, make, repair, improve, and maintain sails

If you want to produce sturdy sails for daysailing and cruising, built of low-tech materials you can repair with a few simple tools, The Sailmaker’s Apprentice can show you how. Emphasizing the handwork that distinguishes the highest-quality, most durable sails, sail pro Emiliano Marino tells you how to select a rig, introduces you to sail shape and theory, and then shows you — step by step, with the help of over 700 detailed illustrations — how to sew patches, hand sew rings, fix tears or frayed edges, and stitch seams, not to mention how to make your own sails, canvas sailcovers, and sailbags from scratch.

A visual feast for the sailor as well as an indispensable guide for the mariner comprehensive apprenticeship, this hands-on reference is an illustrated tour of the world’s rig and sail types, contemporary and historical.