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Another in our series of bicycle posts. Yes, its a boat blog, but many, many boaters use bicycles to get around when they are ashore. Easy to transport and (at least sometimes) easier than walking.

Now technology is bringing many of our interests together. Electric based bicycles. Just another place the electric world is converging.

Pedal all you want. Or flick the switch and the silent motor will zip you around at 20 mph for up to 30 miles. Or do both in the hybrid mode (motor and pedaling together) and watch your distance increase to up to 100 miles and beyond.

Whichever way you want to ride, you’ll feel and look absolutely fabulous. Even when handling steep, 25% grade, SF-class hills, congested roadways, narrow streets, or the quick trip to your favorite restaurant.

  • About 10 cents to charge
  • Roughly a 1500 MPGe or “Miles Per Gallon Equivalent (if you were to measure the unique hybrid of human and electric power against a fossil fuel)
  • Design Week U.K. Consumer Product of the Year 2007 Finalist
  • $2,450 base

Electric Powered Bikes

>>> Electric Powered Bikes

We’ve had various bicycle links here before. I’m not a big bike rider, but many boaters find they are great ways to provide shore-side transportation that you can easily transport with you. Bikes with electric assist make those hills a bit more practial. This outfit has a really slick looking design. Price is significant, and I can’t vouch for their true usage, but might be of interest.

A hub motor and putting the batteries in the other hub is a design innovation I have never seen.

Electric Powered Bikes We are best known for most advanced, most powerful electric bike in the world. We have vibration free, brushless, gearless motor and hub battery pack. Our motor is in the rear hub and battery in the front hub.

Zuumer – Very Light Electric Vehicle

>>> Zuumer – Very Light Electric Vehicle

We’ve had a variety of bicycle and other "away from the boat" transportation ideas before. When I read people’s cruise logs, they either stay on the boat all the time (not me), wind up renting a car, or do some combination of bike and walk. The bike and walk obviously has some advantages and disadvantages and I kind of keep my eye out for likely alternatives.

The Zuumer is a nifty cross between a scooter, a surf board and an electric bike.

Check out their home page and also this excellent detailed review. Read below for more details and a video.

What’s unique is the pivoting or leaning rear suspension. Electric powered and versitle, they are beginning to get production going. You can reserve yours today.

Looks fun 🙂

Zuumer is a Very Light Electric Vehicle. Zuumer is Personal Transportation. Zuumer is a Boarding Experience.

PowerGenix – Nickel-zinc batteries

>>> PowerGenix – Nickel-zinc batteries


PowerGenix is touting their Nickel-zinc batteries… looks like another possibly interesting technology.

The basic properties inherently found in a nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery make it a very attractive power source for a wide variety of DC-powered devices. Its high energy density and high discharge rate capability make it an ideal solution for applications that demand large amounts of power in a small and lightweight package. Cordless power tools, premium UPS systems, electric scooters, specialty military equipment, and high-intensity DC lighting are among the applications in which rechargeable NiZn batteries are best applied.

I got pointed to their site from this discussion of using their technology in electric scooters. We’ve had bicycles before (even electric bikes Schwinn Electric Bicycles), but a scooter is another interesting transportation alternative for your boat, assuming space allows.