Graphene – basis of a new battery technology?

>>> Graphene – basis of a new battery technology?

Another new technology being examined for battery use. Actually ultracapacitor use, but…

I don’t know if it will fly, but if you are into computers, silicon chips, carbon nano-tubes and the like (well, some of us keep up with more than boats :-)), then read up on graphene.

Being able to "easily" create a single atom thick layer of anything just boggles my mind.

If I were a betting person, I’d lay the future of transportation on electric vehicles powered by ultracapacitors that provide a 500 mile range on a 5 minute “fill-up” and don’t cost much more than a gas or diesel vehicle you might buy today. Sound like a fantasy? I sure hope it’s not.

PowerGenix – Nickel-zinc batteries

>>> PowerGenix – Nickel-zinc batteries


PowerGenix is touting their Nickel-zinc batteries… looks like another possibly interesting technology.

The basic properties inherently found in a nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery make it a very attractive power source for a wide variety of DC-powered devices. Its high energy density and high discharge rate capability make it an ideal solution for applications that demand large amounts of power in a small and lightweight package. Cordless power tools, premium UPS systems, electric scooters, specialty military equipment, and high-intensity DC lighting are among the applications in which rechargeable NiZn batteries are best applied.

I got pointed to their site from this discussion of using their technology in electric scooters. We’ve had bicycles before (even electric bikes Schwinn Electric Bicycles), but a scooter is another interesting transportation alternative for your boat, assuming space allows.

Firefly Energy – new battery technology

>>> Firefly Energy – new battery technology

Found a link over on gas2.0 pointing toward Firefly Energy. They are working toward improved battery technology, taking a different tactic than many seem to be. Instead of new metals (lithium, etc.), they are taking the same old lead based chemistry that we have known for years and reformulating how it is made.

They are claiming lighter weight, more efficiency, more power, etc. They are a tractor trailer battery coming to the market later this year, with talks with other industries. They seem aware of the marine world (there are mentions on their site) along with electric vehicles, etc.