Canal Boat pictures

>>> Canal Boat pictures

Canal boats have been commonly covered here on Craft A Craft… someday I may still go down that path. A dutch barge especially, but any of the designs are nice. is a popular Web 2.0 site for uploading pictures of your family, friends, cats, boats or whatever. If you want to kill some time, check out some nice pictures. This search will lead you to thousands of canal boats of one sort or another.

Glass Boat Restaurant

>>> Glass Boat Restaurant

The Glass Boat restaurant is an old barge, converted to a high-end restaurant and moored on the river in Bristol, England. Of interest is that they just had the craft drydocked for renovation and blogged the process. Some interesting pictures and information concerning this beautiful old boat.

Berthed in the heart of Bristol’s historic dock the Glass Boat has been at the forefront of quality dining in the region since 1986.

Located over two decks on a lovingly converted barge the Glass Boat is one of the city’s premier venues for dining, business entertaining, partying or simply relaxing.

The Glass Boat is an award-winning restaurant that is a bastion of fresh, imaginative, & creative food & service excellence. The cuisine is modern European with a British accent & the produce is seasonal, & local.

Service is professional without being starchy & the wine list is a collaboration of the best that both the old & new world’s have to offer.

A truly unique dining experience, the Boat is open for weekday breakfast & lunch, & a la carte dinner 6 nights a week. There is also a set price menu available for parties of 10 guests of more.