Ike Hastings

>>> Ike Hastings

Check out this audio interview from Mad Marinerâ„¢ – this guy is impressive.

Ike Hastings
River King Ike Hastings Discusses His Life on the Water A retired art teacher, Ike Hastings is a Mississippi riverboat builder and captain who has built dozens of boats, including the 100-foot sternwheeler he currently rides – a boat big enough to carry its own plane (and yeah, he built that, too).

Recorded: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Running Time: 30 minutes

Crafty Plastic Cruiser Zips Around Lake

>>> Crafty Plastic Cruiser Zips Around Lake

I hadn’t really expected NPR (National Public Radio) to be a source for my boating interests, but they surprised me yesterday.

They have an ongoing series of "SoundClips" segments (many are quite interesting) where listeners send in interesting sounds that they have encountered and recorded. The segment yesterday dealt with a "Origami Boat" that a man produced in Austin, TX.

The SoundClips series continues with listener Zane Baker of Austin, Texas, who cruises his handmade plastic boat across a lake.

Ted Brewer’s other activities

>>> Ted Brewer’s other activities

We recently covered Ted Brewer and his boat and yacht plans. FurledSails also had a recent podcast interview with him that I had the chance to enjoy recently. During the interview Mr. Brewer pointed out his new hobby endeavor…

Large Scale Model Railroad Plans

Yes, I know, its not boat/boating related, but I find many boatbuilders have other “creative” hobbies, and since Mr. Brewer is such a respected and interesting designer, I thought it worth a link.

Furled Sails podcast interview with George Buehler

>>> Furled Sails podcast interview with George Buehler

I mentioned the Furled Sails podcasts in the previous note, but wanted to draw specific attention to this edition. Its an in-depth interview with George Buehler, designer of the Diesel Ducks and other yachts.

Here’s their description:

George Buehler, self-taught yacht designer has a great philosophy on boats, he says “I like all kinds of boats; there are no absolutes I’ve come to realize, and more important, no boat is ‘practical’. So let’s not pretend; a boat is a toy, a fantasy, a thing to have fun with.” He helped build a replica of the 110′ schooner America and is the also the designer of the Diesel Duck. George is the author of Buehlers Backyard Boatbuilding and The Troller Yacht Book.