Plastic Plywood

>>> Plastic Plywood


Some interesting products showing up on the market. Mostly made from recycled plastics, these "plastic plywood" products could definitely have some applications in the boating world.

I’m a bit unclear on how they would be structurally where "creep" or slow sagging/migrations might be an issue (a problem that plastic has), but there are plenty of places a pretty much rot-free substance would be just the thing.

Building Wooden Boats

>>> Building Wooden Boats

Bruce C. Anderson has a page with some of the various wooden boat projects he’s been working on/has completed. Some nice looking craft!

I got pointed to his page by a discussion in the Duckworks Magazine mailing list concerning the use of cloth and paint as a wood finishing material instead of the more common read about epoxy and fiberglass. In the "olden days" painted cotton as a deck covering was common, and there have been some homebuilders using it as a protective layer on hulls also. Put on a layer of paint, let it get tacky, then put on a layer of open weave material. Let it dry then paint over it a few more times. Apparently can get a pretty tough shell that way.

Check out Mr. Anderson’s PDRacer for a nice looking example.