Are Fuel Prices Changing Boating?

>>> Are Fuel Prices Changing Boating?

Mad Marinerâ„¢ has done a poll and article on how much fuel prices have changed people’s boating plans. A bunch.

Check the article for details and some links to a variety of builders who are beginning to build more economical boats.

A trial subscription to the site is available which gives you full access to try it out, or you can purchase a yearly subscription for a modest fee.

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.

Air powered boat?

>>> Air powered boat?

Gas2.0 (an alternative energy blog) pointed out this video and gave some more background on a couple of different compressed air powered vehicles. The "non-piston" powered engine (starts about 5:30 into the video) sounds like it would have definite marine applications. They even mention the idea of using it on boats.

I don’t know about the efficiency of compressed air, but the safety aspects and ease of handling have some definite advantages. I hadn’t really thought of how much we use compressed air as a motive force already in industrial settings (tools and various other pneumatics). Maybe they have something here.

Wave powered catamaran

The Suntory Mermaid II is an interesting take on an alternative power vessel… powered by a contraption that gets energy from the waves, this is a 9.5 meter cat that is aiming to make a voyage from Honolulu, HI to Asia.

The home page here has pictures but most of the language is Japanese (?). There is an English language pagewith a lot of the info. There is also a Popular Science blurb about it.

Always nice to see other takes on "self powered" boats that don’t rely on the fossil fuels.