The Raising of Flight 1549

Only incidently related to our normal topics here, but it does involve the Hudson river and that’s water, right?

This is a neat time lapse video of the raising of the U.S. Airways flight 1549 Airbus that crashed into the river a year or so ago (gee, has it really been that long?)

That is one big crane (it doesn’t look so big until the aircraft appears).

Posted on – [Flight 1549] from David Martin on Vimeo.

Home building – airplanes

>>> Home building – airplanes

You know… if you decide you can’t tackle a boat, maybe you should try an airplane. Kit built aircraft have been popular for many years.

Somehow, I expect many of the same problems with building a boat at home happen with aircraft builders… not having space, not having time, learning as you go, and sometimes life changes causing you not to finish.

When I was young and interested in radio controlled (R/C) modelling, I thought seriously about aircraft… decided on boats. If a boat motor stops, it sits there. If the aircraft motor stops, its coming down.

Now I think I’ll stay with the same theory as I build my "bigger" model 🙂