Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard

>>> Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard

Neat footage… somehow the old, decaying vessels are always beautiful and sad at the same time. Somebody was once so proud of those ships, and so much work and craftsmanship went into building them.

And at the end, a modern vessel steams away. When will it join its retired brethren?

Tugboat Graveyard

Squeezed between Staten Island and New Jersey is Arthur Kill waterway and the Witte Marine Equipment Company. Over the last century, Witte Marine has slowly dismantled hundreds of ships that once crowded the bustling piers of New York’s coastline. Even with a steady stream of salvage work and deconstruction, many old tugboats and smaller harbor ships have accumulated on the shores of Arthur Kill and now rot in shallow water.

Typhoon class subs

>>> Typhoon class subs


I don’t know that these are really abandoned, although they are obviously not getting quite the maintenance I’m sure they used to. Some massive subs. And to think that these pictures are on the Internet now… imagine the security that used to surround these craft.

Many more pictures (interior and exterior) at the link.

Retired fleet of Typhoon class submarines. The largest submarines ever built, they were, in their day, considered to be the most feared weapon of mass destruction ever created. There are many more photos and some text, in Russian.

Divers find HMS London

>>> Divers find HMS London

Divers discover amazingly preserved shipwreck of HMS London on bottom of Thames

The largest-ever post-war salvage operation on the Thames has discovered seven shipwrecks up to 350 years old.

They include a warship that was blown up in 1665, a yacht converted to a Second World War gunboat, and a mystery wreck in which divers found a personalised gin bottle.

Pretty neat… history and boats and England all in one article!

Make sure and follow the link for some slick pictures.

Kalakala – The World’s First Streamlined Vessel

>>> Kalakala – The World’s First Streamlined Vessel

Another interesting Navagear post recently included some pictures of the now defunct and abandoned Kalakala (scroll down part way). From there I found the web site of the ship itself, with lots of pictures of her from her heyday.

A luxuriously appointed ferry, in an "art deco" style with streamlined hull and superstructure, it’s just a really neat looking ship. Sad that it seems to be rotting away now. I don’t know if the efforts to save it are still active or not, but might be worth checking out.