Another way of finding resources on the web is through a "web ring". This is a collection of like-minded web sites who have banded together in a "ring" or consortium. Each member displays links to the ring’s home page, along with links to the "next" and "previous" site in the ring. Often there are provisions to jump to a random ring member site. Obviously, some sites are going to be better than others, but most webrings require the ring "administrator" to approve a site before it can become a member, thus screening out some of the "fluff". Craft a Craft is a member of a few rings (since this site covers several different areas of the cruising world – see the links at the far bottom of each page). Still other rings are certainly worth checking out their member sites. Each link below should take you to a page where you can see the member web sites and jump to them… no membership or signup is required unless you want to make your own web page be a part of the ring.