As you probably have figured out, I link to various web pages, blogs and cruise logs that I find of interest and/or that I think you will find informative and that fit in the major themes of this site. Usually that means they are boat building, home building and/or coastal and river cruising related. There are more… oh so many more 🙂 I won’t stop linking to ones that I think are especially good, but please go searching and enjoy the vast array of boating blogs/sites that you can find. Some revolve more around fishing, some boating in general, some lake craft, some whatever… search! I’m giving a Google box here (its geared toward the United States… use your local Google server for more country specific links to your area)… or just go to Google or your favorite search engine and go to town.

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A few search terms that I’ve found work well include (play with these and others… if you find something particularly good, please let me know): – Boating Blog – – (this links to any pages on the [BoatTales]( web site, which is home to many blogs and pages – great loop