The print media world is both similar and different than the online world. Beyond the obvious physical differences (longevity, storage space required, convenience, etc.) there is the perceived or actual "value" and "authenticity". Most print media is advertising driven. Nothing inherently wrong with that (I have ads on this web site, after all :-)), but I know I’ve seen some magazines whose "reviews" tend to be either heavily influenced by their ad revenue, or else their reviews are just press releases. I certainly don’t mind seeing the press releases… can learn about lots of new products that way, but please don’t pass them off as a "review".

Anyhow, I take very few print magazines these days, so I’m not going to do much commentary and with only a couple of exceptions no recommendations, but wanted to list these as some you may want to check out.

PassageMaker MagazineThis is one I’ve taken for years. Geared toward higher end craft in general, but some good boat "walkthroughs", some medium level technical articles, and generally I enjoy reading it and getting some good ideas.

WoodenBoat MagazineThe quintessential magazine for the boat builder and renovator. I’ve read a few newsstand issues and been impressed. Geared around smaller craft or sailing craft, with some incredible craftsmanship. They offer an online version of a recent issue to check out and see what you think.

For smaller craft (mostly), check out the informal Messing About in Boats here or here . Also available electronically.

Now for some I’m not real familiar with, but have ran across and that might be worth a check:

Professional Boatbuilder

Boating on the Hudson & Beyond

DIY Boat Owner – The Marine Maintenance Magazine

Cruising World

Good Old Boat Magazine

Voyaging – includes an online and print magazine

Practical Boatowner – Britian’s Biggest Selling Yachting Magazine