Today Google made available a new feature in their collection of search tools. It allows you to define what they call a "Custom Search Engine" that lets you provide a list of links which they either search exclusively, or give preference to. The idea is that you can search for things about your area of interest and get much more targeted results since somebody has already "vetted" the links that will be pulled from, and hopefully eliminated a lot of the "extras" we always find.

Leaving aside some people’s dislike of Google (if you don’t like them, don’t use it… fine by me) and the fact that it has some ads, it looks to work fairly well. I have made up a "Boat Building and Cruising Search Engine" and started loading it up with a bunch of links that I use.

Another advantage is the ability to "tag" a link with related terms. You see these terms at the top of the page and can click on them to narrow your search

Feel free to check it out and see if it helps.

I currently have it configured to "prefer" links on pages/sites that I entered, but other sites will still be found. If the database of links grows enough, I might change it to be more limited.


To search the Boat Building and Cruising Search Engine provided by Google, use the following form:

  This will allow you to search in a limited subset of boating and industry specific links.

If you have links that you think would fit in this search configuration, please consider volunteering and submitting them. Otherwise feel free to email them to me and I’ll add them.

Lets see if we can make this a useful boat building and cruising specific search engine.

I have included a search box at the upper right on this web instead of having to come back to this node, or you can go to the search’s Google home page at here.