Forums are another outgrowth of the free-wheeling Usenet world… a slightly different solution to the same problem. A forum gives a user the ability to read postings on a web page. Postings are not mailed to you, but rather you read them online. Some are open to be read by anyone, others require you to log on before reading. Nearly all require a logon to post. This again gives the ability for moderation of the content.

More graphical interfaces are available, without relying on the software loaded on your local machine. You can check out a forum from home, from work, from a library, whereever and have the same experience. When you log on, your same settings will appear. Forums usually allow posting of graphics and pictures, which give the ability for people to illustrate much more directly what they are talking about than the lower bandwidth geared mailing lists.

In no particular order:

Ducktalk.netAnything and everything about Diesel Ducks.

Canal World Discussion ForumsA virtual waterways community

WoodenBoat Forumfrom the magazine by the same name – great forum

Metal Boat Societyfree registration required…where you’ll find metal boat designers, builders, and other metal boat owners willing and able to help you with your metal boat project!

BoatDesign.netthe granddaddy of the design and building discussion groups

PassageMaker Chat Deckfrom the same folks who publish the magazine

Small Boat Forum – the Boatbuilder ConnectionGlen-L sells plans and supplies and now has a pretty active forum – worth checking for homebuilding issues even if not from Glen-L designs/plans

The Big Sailboat ForumA forum that the ladies at The Big Sailboat Project have put online. If you haven’t checked their blog, do so immediately.

BoaterEdA very active, diverse forum that covers the gamut of boating, fishing, maintenance, clubs and activities.

Aluminum Alloy BoatsDiscussion of aluminum/alloy boats and boatbuilding.

TrawlerCrawler.netlaunched to complement the interactive mailing lists associated with