In the "olden days", up until about 3 years ago :-), to research boats and boat plans you probably went to the local library, hung out near the shore and found some old-timers, wrote letters, made phone calls and ordered books (from the local bookstore, not Amazon).

Today, the Internet has brought such a wealth of resources in nearly any field imaginable, and the boating world is well represented. One of my goals for this site was to try to bring a few specific "places" and "communities" together, to point out some of the similarities between them, and to maybe let some of the ideas cross-pollinate a bit. There are several groups (some with overlapping membership and some not) that to me have some very similar ideas and that you (the boater and boat builder) can really learn from. Sometimes the ideas are diametrically opposed, and in that case, you can also learn… both groups will have (usually) well reasoned arguments for their points of view, and whichever (or both or neither) you decide to follow, you will have learned and found some thought provoking commentary.

On the flip side, there is SOOOOO much out there, you can rapidly reach information overload, have too many options and never be able to make a decision. Every boat is a (large) set of compromises… none of them are perfect. You can find accurate and not so accurate information and opinions on every side of every question. Be careful… don’t believe it just because you read it.

So far, I’ve made some postings with some links, but haven’t really done as much in this regard as I wanted. I’m going to take this "book" type entry and try to expand on some of this area. Follow along the navigation links at the bottom to get to some of the various sections.

Drop me a note with recommendations of on-line resources that you have found and I’ll see about adding them.