Got my June 2007 issue of Passagemaker Magazine today. One of the cover stories is concerning Trailerable Trawlers. This is definitely worth reading if you don’t normally see their stuff. Its a detailed, 15 page article with lots of pictures.

Natalie Friton covers many of the same craft that you have see on this blog: C-Dory, C-Ranger, Chesapeake Marine Design, Devlin, Nimble, Rosborough and others.

She also speaks of trailers and the requirements for trailering a boat of this type, along with some home build considerations, including a nice mention of Cheasapeake Marine Design’s Trailer Trawler 28.

This article also led me back to Passagemaker Magazine’s web site which I hadn’t visited for a while. It has been re-worked and improved. You can register (free) and see various indexes of back issues, including some free articles.

Another addition is the Web Exclusive Articles which apparently are intended to provide further information above and beyond the printed magazine. In support of the Trailerable Trawlers article, there is a detailed discussion of the building of Greenhorn I, a home built, electric 18-foot tug.Â