Now I’ve found it 🙂

The Bon Viveur 825 is a 27′ x 6’9" trailerable craft that is being built of fiber-reinforced epoxy composites. Bon Viveur boats has built a 15 meter version (steel) for some time, and apparently in the past tried a small version like the 825 (called the Gem 23) that didn’t work out, mostly due to cost of materials used at the time.

This is a neat looking boat… Something a little wider and maybe a shade longer, but maybe not, would be a great trailer coastal boat for here in the U.S. (in my opinion). This is just really a look I like.

The 6’9" beam is designed around the U.K. canals, not for other reasons. I’ve been exchanging some emails with the owner to see about plan availability, etc.

Here’s an initial model after its first paint job.

They are making these available for outright purchase and also a co-ownership syndicate which I take it is a time-share type arrangement.

Another option is a completed shell prepared for a DIY fitout.