The Bluejacket series is interesting design for home building… Tom Lathrop has attempted to address a problem with planing boats, i.e. that they are fine on plane, but behave very poorly between hull speed and plane.

He has produced his design in 20, 24, 25.5, and 27 foot versions.

Mr. Lathrop had a list of design goals:

  1. Light enough and small enough to be easily trailerable with a family vehicle.
  2. Capable of economic cruising at 12 to 14 mph with a top speed of at least 50% higher.
  3. Seaworthy in coastal and inshore waters.
  4. Economical in and out of the water.
  5. Sitting headroom over the berths in the sleeping  cabin and standing headroom in the pilothouse.
  6. Classic lines.
  7. Comfortable for cruising with a crew of two for a week or more.
  8. A private head with standing headroom.

That covers a lot of it, doesn’t it?

Also check out his cruise log/blog covering the Ontario Waterways.

I tend to keep sites that are "interesting" to me open in a tab on my browser… its interesting to me that I’ve had a Bluejacket tab open for probably months, but haven’t really looked at it. Back when I ran across it, it wasn’t a design that was that interesting to me. As my plans have been changing and I go back and revisit it, I find that this is worth a lot closer look. And in the mean time, Tom has updated his page 🙂