An older, but well respected and seaworthy design for a small boat, the Bartender is justly famous in some circles. The designer, George Calkins is 90+ now, and still active as I understand it. He isn’t interested in web sites, etc. but another man has gained rights to put the design up, including CNC frame kits, etc.

Looks like a good home builders project, and one that will create a very useful craft. Up through the 26′ version looks like it would meet standard U.S. trailer width limits (8′ 6"). Another skiff style, smaller boat. Not much cabin on this one, unless you go for the larger sizes (up to 29′ I think). The double-end gives a bit less space per-foot, but some nice seakeeping abilities.

Wonder how it compares to a C-Dory… hmmm…

A mailing list/discussion group is also available.