Phil Bolger has been an incredibly prolific designer of boats with often a somewhat uncommon design. He has geared many of his designs to “slab sides” and unconventional looks that have proceeded to work very well, according to many, and to the surprise of the traditional boating world.

Aesthetics are a very subjective thing, but many of his designs are certainly unique and take a certain viewpoint to admire. Others are quite attractive to me… see this Flickr gallery for a fine Topaz. Check the last pages for some other Bolger designed craft.

Some other designs that I really like are (i.e. the Mundoo craft from DuckWorks) are based around Bolger’s designs (slightly modified).

Of interest are his Topaz and Sitka Explorer designs.

To see more about Topaz, check out the above gallery and Journey Boat’s pages.

There is an active Bolger mailing list that’s worth a check.

Mr. Bolger hasn’t made his plans available on the web, nor even a catalog. You can write to him for information and ask for suggested plans based on your desired capabilities/characteristics. He’s still actively designing, although seems to be running behind in recent months/years on custom work.

There are many of his plans available in books (such as his Boats with an Open Mind).

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