Got a note from Mr. Storer today pointing out a couple of plans (one old, one new) that he has made available.

The first, older design is his Dayboat/Launch:

Length 23ft (7m)
Beam 6ft 6ins (1.98m)
Power 10hp
Plans $250


The new release is the larger “Venezia“.

“Venezia” – canal boat/river boat for the Venice Lagoon. A compact trailerable motorboat with accomodation.

Length – 26ft 10″ (8.2m)
Beam – 6ft 8″ (2.05m)
Hull Weight (approx) – 850lbs (400kg) – Gaboon (Okoume) Ply
Displacement (people and some equipment approx) – 1600lbs (720kg)
Power – shortshaft high thrust 4-stroke outboard 10-15hp Â

Both of these are built using his interesting “bottom up” building method where he builds the bottom, props it into the required curve, adds sides, cabin, etc. to it. No strongback required, no hull turning… just build from the ground up. Both are similar hull forms to the Mundoo II/III, but without the box keel. Mr. Storer has a good discussion about the hull design of both of these boats and their capabilities. These are river/canal craft, not offshore vessels, but for that use, they apparently perform very nicely.

Materials lists are available from Mr. Storer’s site. Plans are available direct or (in the case of the Venezia) from Duckworks here in the U.S.