So sorry to Mr. McGowan… I’ve had him listed as a female on this page for quite a while… sorry about that!

Just ran across a link to McGowan Marine Design, Inc. in the Atkin Boats mailing list. Mr. McGowan produced an exciting looking entry to the Concept Boat contest back a couple of years ago. The Sulis is designed as a 34′ solar-electric powered coastal cruiser. He has taken many ideas from Atkin’s tunnel hulls and Bolger’s box keels, combined them and formed what looks to be an interesting, low draft hull design. There are several design features he included that are worth a look… he made a bit of a "shelf" in the bow flare to add more space in the interior for your feet (and I would think would help with spray, although you might need to watch for pounding in certain conditions). Overall a nice looking and interesting design, although as I understand it, one hasn’t been built for that final real-world test.

Check out the various pages about it.