Mark Van Abbema (designer of my V28 build) has another nice looking plan available… a 36′ Commuter. Again, keeping to his general theme, it has great 1920’s styling, utilizes outboard power, and should be relatively straightforward to build.

The Mark V 36 Commuter is my submission for the WoodenBoat/Professional BoatBuilder Design Challenge II. The design parameters are: Must be trailerable, max beam 8′, max length 40′ trailer weight less than 3,500 lb. Must burn less than 2 gallons an hour at 10 knots in a 2′ chop and 15 knot breeze while carrying 800 lbs (family of 4) Must include at least spartain accommodations (berths, head, galley) for two adults and two children. Since the boat is supposed to be fuel efficient, I figured that the potential owner would also be concerned about the initial cost. I designed the boat to be as inexpensive to own and operate as possible.