George Buehler Yacht Design was probably the starting point for my boat-building research. The Backyard Boatbuilding mailing list has a large following of extremely knowledgeable and helpful builders. It was started around a book by George Buehler named Backyard Boatbuilding. Mr. Buehler is a proponent of what I term "rough and ready" boatbuilding. Fine woodworking and high quality are fine, but some parts can be built from locally available "lumberyard" wood and common materials. He "over specifies" some of this frames, etc. to ensure high strength, and the boats that have been built to his plans seem to have been quite successful. Recently, Mr. Buehler’s Diesel Duck series of designs have become quite popular (including one of the boats winning the 2007 "People’s Choice" award from Passagemaker Magazine’s Trawlerfest). Many are being built in steel, although the plans are available for wood or steel construction. Some versions are licensed to only be built at Seahorse Marine. Those designs (and their prices and construction details) look awesome. Someday maybe I can build a boat like that (or have it built for me more probably :-)). Related Links: