Jay Benford is a prolific designer that has done lots of work in lots of different marine areas. Ferries have been one "specialty" of his, and many of his craft have been influenced by the ideas he has gained working in that space.

He has a series of boats in the "Florida Bay Coasters" (see also) group that are quite interesting. They take the "houseboat" and "ferry" side to the extreme, and some of the designs really have to grow on you visually, but they have proven to be popular and capable coastal vessels, and have an incredible amount of living space for their waterline area. I’m not sure they are for me, but some ideas are interesting… more "slab" sided… shallow draft… stability through hull design more than active stabalizers, etc.

Jay also has several tug designs and many "workboat" looking craft. His designs are available in several books that include many plans, articles, writings about his design philosophies, and other good stuff. You can sit and dream for hours 🙂 Check out his plans list and find which book(s) have the majority of the plans you are interested in (there are some overlaps). Then you can order them from Tiller Books.