What do I need in the cabin? This is a hard one for me, because I rapidly fall into what I want, which would probably (maybe) fit in a 100′ hull. Let’s keep it down from there… 

Cabin – one double berth, one single.

Head – hot water shower. Maybe a layout to allow entry from main cabin and double cabin. Prefer show separate from toilet area.

Helm – Inside steering main location. Outside steering optional – might just go with a ‘remote control’ option for second steering station. This would imply an autopilot, and might just come later.

HVAC – Air conditioning is going to be a requirement – maybe just a ‘freestanding’ unit. Heat would be nice.

Electrical – Power for reasonable internal lighting and appliances. A washer/dryer combo very desirable. Will probably lean toward ‘homeowner’ class appliances instead of dedicated marine units. I’m sure they at times have some advantages, but I’m not sure the modern home appliances are that much worse.

Topsides – Some ‘outdoor’ space, but not tons necessary. Ability to have a sun cover fairly important. Swim step might be nice, but not critical. Space for a fair amount of solar panels should be allowed for.