OK… I’ve fleshed out most of the Design Catalog with ideas, designers and plans that interest me. This has been a valuable exercise for me, I believe, since I’ve noticed a “clustering” of the field into a handful of categories. I’ve decided to list and give an overview of each of those categories with the idea that if I can figure out what category of boat I’m building, that will narrow the selection field drastically 🙂

I know, its obvious, but…

Cutting to the chase, my interests seem to be:

  • Ocean Passagemaking – not going to happen in the short term. No time, money or experience. Don’t need to be investing in a craft for that big of an adventure when I don’t have the experience to know what I’m choosing. Now I think I could come up with something reasonable (Diesel Duck, anyone?), but that’s more boat that I can realistically support at this phase of the game.
  • River Cruisers – This is the name I’m using for various coastal and river craft. These are often a little longer, narrower sharpie type boats designed for more inland waterways. Many have made the Great Loop cruise successfully. Often they have more windage and exposed glass than ocean craft… on the flip-side, they are usually fairly shallow draft and can get into places many boats can’t.
  • Pocket Cruisers – Again, this is a name I’ve come up with from somewhere encompassing smaller boats designed for the type of use I’m looking at. Arbitrarily, these are 30′ or less in length, and usually 8’6″ beam or less… this lets them be legally trailered in the United States without special permits. Some are displacement craft, and more are planing or semi-displacement. Since I haven’t finished the “narrowed down” page, check this wider overview.
  • Tug Yachts – a sub-set or specialization of the above Pocket Cruisers world… mostly these are Pocket Cruisers with better (or at least different) aesthetics.
  • Dutch Barge – OK, I’m just stuck on this one… I like it 🙂 They come in a wide variety of designs, looks and capabilities. I’m calling it Dutch Barge here, but really its a European Canal Boat category…

I’m going to see about fleshing each of these out in the pages below and see what falls out.