People attracted to boats generally have some other related loves… nature, the outdoors, sea life, birds, etc. All this interest and love of things of beauty leads naturally to a wide variety of artwork There are of course a variety of painting, drawings, models (there are several people who will provide you an exact scale model of your own boat). In addition, boaters often turn to their cameras and generate what I consider some great artwork.

A good friend shuns photographic prints as ‘art’ (hello Shannon), but I feel that they are just as artistic as anything else, and I tend to enjoy them more.

I won’t start copying people’s web postings here, but will try to provide some links to some good examples that I may run across.

One of the nicest sets I’ve ran across recently is on the Canal World Discussion Forum Gallery. The only ‘hang up’ is that you must register and log on before you can see the pictures. Trust me, its worth your while. The Photo of the Month is especially good.

Another type of art (at least to us boat types) are pictures of construction, mechanical bits and pieces, and other boat details… we’ll see about listing some of that too.

I know this page is a little lacking… I’ll try to flesh out some more sites soon. Please send me or leave comments with other sites that you would like to suggest. 

Anything you find, please respect ownership and copyrights!