INTRACOASTAL Volume 5 – Venice To Manisota

Another episode of this Great Loop video log. Covers a few miles from Venice, FL to Manisota, much of it during the night. This limits what you can see on the video, but really shows how navigating after dark is an entirely different world… you best know what you are doing 🙂 The video includes some good tips on navigation markers after dark (lowered bridge lighting schemes, etc.)

Venice To Manisota: night navigation, tips, continuing on the cruise of "C-Dawg-E" as we explore America’s inland waterway.

4400 miles on “The Little Boat That Could

Intracoastal Volume IV Tampa Bay to Venice

Another episode of this cruise log. Start at the beginning for the entire trip.

4400 Miles exploring America’s inland waterway, the "Great Loop" by small boat. This edition takes the singlehanded boat from Tampa Bay to Venice Florida and the whole series teaches you how to do it!  

Various books on the Intracoastal Waterway available from Amazon.

Great Loop video log – C-Dory making the loop and sharing it

This man is doing the Great Loop in a 22′ C-Dory, the <span class="postdetails">C-Dawg-E. Sounds like fun!

The difference is that he is making a video with details as he goes… its more of a "training" video than a site-seeing or travel log type show. He’s got good advice on navigation markers, things to watch for, etc.

The first video is the "intro" while the next is episode one.

Florida to New York to Great Lakes to Mississippi and back to Florida on the Intracoastal, and Rivers of the Eastern U.S. known as the Great Loop, by small boat.

Covers the navigation of the "Great Loop" (Florida – New York – Great Lakes – Florida) from Hernando Beach on the West Coast of Florida to Clearwater.