We’ve had some various electric bikes and folding bikes on here before… here’s another one that looks slick:

This is will be the fourth generation of their product, so it’s probably not a total shot in the dark, but I can’t vouch for them myself. Certainly looks like it packs up pretty nice for on-board stowage.

Global Shipping

>>> Global Shipping

I thought this was really slick. Some various animations of all the ships at sea. It’s interactive, based on data from 2012.

The intro video has some good info and screenshots (although there is a bit of "global warming" bent depending on how you feel about that).

There are a lot of ships out there… way more than I intuitively felt.

Welcome to Hugh’s V28 Build!

Hugh is tackling a Mark Van Abbema V 28… and he’s been kind enough to let me host his build log. I’m looking forward to being able to follow along.

He has what sounds like a good setup for boat-building… lots of tools and a large shop to be able to construct out of the weather (very, very important… believe me when I say that :-)).

Check his initial posting for some background. He just got his plans – exciting time 🙂