Giving birth? To Origami

Origami stored inside my 15′ micro-sailboat:

Beginning of birthing:

Fully erected on cockpit railings:

All in the safey of my driveway.

Now to test its ability to be a mico-tender for micro-crusing sailboat sailing to a micro-brewery.

We wish asloth well on his cruise! – Bruce

Origami Twins

Just a regular little boat factory here… asloth has twins!

He built another and watched the weight closer… got it down 10 pounds less than #1. Even made oars from a split 2×4 and plywood.

Weight is important to somebody going cruising on a "micro" sailboat (15′ I believe)… that’s hardly bigger than the dinghy 🙂

Looks really good!

Walda really floats

Here’s a few shots of the folding boat my wife Anne, John (who sold me Waldo a WWP15) and I launched/lunched this AM. It was to only weigh #26, but on a high ice cream diet came in at #48. A bit of a disappointment. Maybe a foam version? More construction details later or requests.

Now on to other projects. Like growing older slower.

Assembly progress

Here’s the latest pics of bones assembled and "strips" attached. Will likley staple/glue the PVC on tomorrow, then on w/ trim. Two of the fotos show support strips and positioned suports. I’m wondering why they aren’t centered in the strips, instead of at the ends? One of life’s questions.

bones assembled

bones assembled

bones assembled

bones assembled

Origami Bones

Being retired allows me lots of time to work on "Walda", the Origami 6.

This week the priming/painting finished and bottom panels got bolted to keel. I was only able to find a 1 1/2" ss hinge, which seems to work out OK. Also used ss flat head machine screws 10/32 w/ nyloc nuts and ss fender washers where needed. No Chicago screws in ss or bronze available locally. Now I’m getting ready for attaching strips and then PVC cloth.

2 shots of the bones:

Maybe it’ll be in water next week.

Origami 6′ – California Style

asloth is building a 6′ Origami Dinghy. I learned about his efforts on the Duckworks mailing list and have been chatting with him some. He was kind enough to forward some pictures and give me permission to post them, showing his progress (which is MUCH faster than mine) – Bruce

I received Origami plans two weeks ago. Made a cardboard model first to learn metric measurements and see how it goes together. Covered cardboard w/ ripstop nylon which turned out a bit baggy. But I learned a lot building a model.

I’ve gathered all wood and plywood. 7/8’s doug-fir for keel-knee-stem, and 3/8’s marine ply for most of rest. 1/4 ply for trim pieces. Glued, w/ PL Premium, keel assembly today, and butt joint for one side of bottom, as I got all pieces out of one 4×8 sheet of 3/8’s.

Recieved 3 yds. of 18 oz. black vinyl from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics a couple days ago. Around $8 bucks a yd. I can’t find stainless or bronze/brass chicago screws so will use stainless machine screws and nuts. I plan to glue vinyl to frame w/ PL Permium as above on wood. Will prime wood w/ UMA primer from X-I-M and top coat w/ semi-gloss latex. Grey inside and bright yellow out.

Anyone else out there working on, or thinking of building an Origami?