Boat design, home building, and cruising in a nutshell

I thought this was really slick. Some various animations of all the ships at sea. It's interactive, based on data from 2012.

The intro video has some good info and screenshots (although there is a bit of "global warming" bent depending on how you feel about that).

There are a lot of ships out there... way more than I intuitively felt.

17 Aug 2016 15:30:59

Welcome to Hugh's V28 Build!

Hugh is tackling a Mark Van Abbema V 28... and he's been kind enough to let me host his build log. I'm looking forward to being able to follow along.

He has what sounds like a good setup for boat-building... lots of tools and a large shop to be able to construct out of the weather (very, very important... believe me when I say that :-)).

Check his initial posting for some background. He just got his plans - exciting time :-)

From our friends over at WoodenWidget:

It's not a boat (make sure and check out their dinghy plans while you're there - it was my first boat build), but looks like a lot of fun.

Wonder about using a CNC to cut that frame... I'll have to ask :-)

The Hoopy wooden bicycle. It might look complicated to make but the frame can be marked, cut out and glued ready for varnish in just two days. The box section frame is immensely strong yet only weighs 3 kilos.

The Hoopy is a 'one size fits all' bicycle but the seat can be raised or lowered during the build if required. It can carry two with ease and will make you friends wherever you go. It's also great to ride. Surprisingly fast and very comfy.

Most of the parts needed to build a Hoopy are easily available secondhand or can be salvaged from old bikes.

04 Jul 2016 15:40:26

Happy Independence Day

editorial video

For those in the US (or anywhere that is willing to celebrate with us :-))

(courtesy of Hillsdale College)

29 May 2016 10:59:10

Memorial Day


To Those who Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion

Thank you...

OK, this is just really fun and slick looking. I listed it tagged as canoe/kayak, but it is a powerboat, not a paddle craft.

Kind of a sit-down jetski.

They are collapsable and will even fit in the back of a Prius :-).

Check out some of the pictures and videos on their web site.


23 May 2016 21:09:00

10 years...


Hard to believe, but Craft a Craft started 10 years ago today... it's been an interesting trip :-)

Thanks for sticking around... we're not done yet.

R-Tech Welding Equipment Ltd., out of the UK, has put together a nice reference page around welding safety. Lots of links to other resources.

If you're a welder, especially a newcomer, check it out.

If you're in the UK, you may want to check out R-Tech Welding for equipment and supplies.

Our friends Mark and Diana Doyle at On the Water Chartguides are moving away from the water for a time. Given their guides are geared around current, personal knowledge, they have elected to cease publishing. I have to respect them for their position.

We love that quote, and after nearly 30 years it turns out that Mark and I can describe the ICW pretty well … so we figure it’s time to keep going.

In Cuba this winter we talked daily about building a plan for our next ten years. The result is that m/v Semi-Local is for sale, we’ve bought another RV, and we’re prepping some long hikes and looking forward to lots of international travel!

First, we want to thank everyone for all of the friendship and support you’ve offered as we’ve stumbled through this self-publishing obstacle course together.

Second, we want to wish each of you success and happiness in chasing your own dreams … on whatever magic carpet you choose.

Many will ask, “Why shut down On the Water ChartGuides?” The reason is pretty simple and we think you’ll understand and respect our decision.

Our books, and our reputation, were built upon really-really being there. We were current, accurate, and detailed. And that will no longer be possible. So rather than milk the cash cow and sell stale info, or worse yet, become yet another of today’s armchair-cruising Google-researching guide publishers, we’re shutting down our Apple iBook Store and selling off the remaining print inventory from our website.

We’re water dogs, so we’ll undoubtedly see many of you again. And as more and more of you travel to places away from shore … well, who knows?

All National Parks are on our bucket list. So is RVing New Zealand, hiking Kilimanjaro, and riding a camel at the Great Pyramid!

We’re ready for that new plan … it’s called, “Other People’s Guides.” 😉

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