Last installment, I think. Than we should be all caught up.

My older daughters came down in time to help me emplace the last bit of 1/4” paneling on the back of the cabin. They came down for Christmas but since I’m a bit of a scrooge, I like to say it’s to help on the boat.

We measured from the top of the plywood panels in the frame at the end of the cabin to the roof. Since I had one panel left we measured the width we needed as well and determined that we could do it out of one panel.

I ripped the panel down the middle to give us the width, however only the bottom was flat. The top of these panels that went against the roof were curved. We pondered a bit to determine how we could cut that curve accurately. My oldest daughter Samantha came up with a really brilliant idea. She said we could hold up the panel until it contacted the roof and trace out the curve directly onto the panel. We did just that and it worked beautifully, only having to plane or sand it to get a perfect fit. We than proceeded to use epoxy and construction adhesive as well as screws to permanently affix both panels.

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