Hey all I wanted to let everyone know kind of what has been going on and subsequently what I have been up too. Well its been kind of rough here as of late. A lightening storm hit and took out most of our electronics, hence whey it has taken a bit of time to update you all. Also money has gotten a bit tight and I have still not been able to procure the lumber for the deck on the boat. It was during this time I took it upon myself to hopefully provide my family with a new economic enterprise. In this case a small custom woodworking business.

The business is named QuarterDeck Woodworking, and I am linking the Facebook page. Basically I am specializing in custom built furniture ranging from small wall shelves to bookcases all the way to tables. The idea is that any funding generated from this will help fund the boat.

I hope to see all of you on my Facebook page!


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