5-10 June 2017: We have had a bit of bad luck lately with funding for the boat so no wood for the deck as of yet. I have every confidence that will change soon. On a better note me and Samantha (when she can or wants too) have been able to work inside the hull epoxying seams.

One of the first areas I epoxied after the chines were was the forward hull area between frame B and the stem. Since the angle is much greater there, I figured it would be a good idea to run a thickened epoxy seam fillet all the way from the Stem to around Frame B. This will do much to improve the strength of the bow as well help further waterproof it.

The rest of it has been somewhat ho hum when it comes to keeping you guys abreast here via pictures and posts. It has been a lot of mixing epoxy and filleting or creating seams along areas that need to be filled or strengthened. However I was able to get the Knee epoxied into place and screwed as well, which sure did a lot to beef up the transom.

Unless something changes and I can purchase the lumber for the deck; the next item will be the final fitting of the breasthook. This will include cutting the hole for the Sampson post to come through.

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