4 June 2017: Ahoy everyone! So we recently got my older daughters from Nebraska down to the farm for the summer. Pretty excited about that.

So work began a bit later today as everyone had a bit of a late night as the girls arrived. Yet Samantha and I decided to strike out early to the shop in order to get something done on the boat. In this case it was the sheer clamp and planing it level to the boat. In other wards the bevel went from being at an angle to completely lateral.

However boy was it hot out there, it was humid and 90 degrees even with the fans going. An ominous foretelling of things to come as it pertains to summer construction. Sam and I were drenched right after we got to work with the block and number 5 plane. We took turns using one plane or the other to get the sheer to a level bevel.

I must say once I explained to Sam how best to use the plane, she really took to it and seemed to do rather well. We still need probably a good bit of sanding and leveling to be done between the two sheer clamps again, but I am pleased with her and our progress.

Next on the list is to level the sheers again and cut the notches to receive the deck beams. Somewhere between that bit of work, I have another Lowes run to pick up more pine for laminating.

On a more interesting note, today was the first day Sam got to do a YouTube video with me.

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