15 April 2017: Ahoy everyone! So as I promised, the day started with a trip to Lowes in order to purchase some paint and primer. The attendees at Lowes were perhaps baffled as I am sure they do not get a whole lot of people requesting paint for a wooden boat. With some back and forth and ultimately stating that good exterior grade latex is often used as a substitute for boats (ask Mr. Buehler), the associate had me hooked up.

Upon arrival home I got to work pouring some of the primer into one of the disposable paint trays I had purchased. Since this is an experiment to see how well the primer and paint will cover the seams, I applied it to a select group of areas. As I had anticipated the bottom hull seams which by far are the worst looked only mildly better with the paint and primer on them. However as I have stated, I am not totally concerned with having a glass bottom. The transom and stern areas seemed to do rather far better as more attention was paid to ensuring a good lay of the cloth and fairing done. Since this and the stem are going to be above water and as such visible, I want to ensure the paint and primer will look good. If not it’s more sanding and fairing. I plan on giving these areas around three or so coats to see if the roughness will improve and by how much.

The stem I decided needed to have more fairing done, so mixing up another batch of compound I set out and made short work of it. The stem is an area that will no doubt get a lot of looks and as such needs to have as much attention paid to it as possible. That being said it really does seem like it is turning out well.

While I was at Lowes, I saw a gallon of Flex Seal paint; you know the spray stuff that stops leaks even if soaked in water. I of course did not look at the price but I am thinking this may be a good alternative to bottom paint. It is likely thick and waterproof, so it could perhaps do in one coat what would take several with the exterior grade latex. I will do some more research into this product and decide if it is worth it to proceed that way for the bottom of the hull. The topsides will get that nice paint as I love the color.

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