12-14 April 2017: Big accomplishment as of late shipmates, clothing of the hull is complete! Yes that’s right; the nightmare of dealing with epoxy soaked polyester cloth is over! To this all I can personally say is thank God and I will have a beer!

The following day after inspecting the final bit of cloth application, I decided to begin creating fairing compound (Talc and Epoxy) to blend the “seams”. With a lot of these seams looking horrendous and craggy, for the first round of application I decided to mix and apply it thick. Of course this meant several trips to and from my epoxy station to mix the copious amounts of fairing epoxy required. Applying this gray goo to the hull took up most of the afternoon, yet it meant tomorrow I will likely be able to begin sanding (oh the joys of sanding!).

Next morning, I went to the shop after doing a bit of classwork and began the long and tiresomely tedious process of sanding. However compared to the nerve wracking and frustrating cloth and epoxy task, sanding took on a whole new and positive light. Being covered with dust is far less annoying and easier to remove than epoxy. I remember after my several rounds of clothing the hull, I would shower head to toe with Fast Orange to ensure I removed every bit of the devilish goo. Even then I was often surprised to find that some of the relentless stickum had stuck around afterwards.

Sanding seemed to go rather well enough, so I applied a second lighter coat of fairing compound to the stem with every intention of applying it to the transom area as well. Yet after the first and exceedingly smooth application on the stem, I had a revelation. It may not be entirely necessary to apply the fairing mix to the stern just yet. The primer and paint may do a good enough job of hiding any left-over imperfections to not warrant a second application of the compound. So tomorrow I plan on going to Lowes to get a gallon of this paint and primer to see how well it does, after all I can always sand it away and apply more compound if necessary.

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