2 April 2016: Well I was able to get the keel and skeg epoxied with cloth but that was about it.

What a nightmare that turned into. Trying to get the cloth to lay well against the angle of the hull to the keel was ever so difficult. It kept trying to pop up and I wasted more epoxy than I should have. Also the notion of leaving enough of the side pieces I dry to I could wet seam them turned out to be ultimately nil. The epoxy on the sides dried nicely but it created folds and bubbles in the unwetted areas that could not be flattened out. So I decided to cut the unwetted stuff off and I plan on using strips of cloth to fill in the gap between the keel area and the side pieces.

Simply put I ran out of time today after I got the keel and skeg done to do any more. Further I have a makeup drill Tuesday and Wednesday of this week which I am leaving for Monday night. So I will not be able to attend to any of this until Thursday at the earliest. It’s looking pretty shaky right now if I will be able to start painting next weekend.

So Thursday of this week, the tentative plan is to cut and epoxy the strips of cloth into the areas they need to do along the hull. As well as cut and epoxy cloth for the inner transom (motor well area) and the stem. The stem may prove tricky, but the motor well area should be a breeze compared to the keel and skeg. Of course we shall have to see how this pans out lol!

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