1 April 2017: Well what a day shipmates. Since I woke up, I have been in the shop.

I started by warming up the shop to at least 60 degrees with the stove and my space heaters. Not only for my comfort but to ensure I was well above the 55 degree threshold for my epoxy. After that I took some paint measuring buckets that I bought at Lowes over to my epoxy station. The thought to buying these relied on the fact they were labeled with units of measurement, so I could figure out my 3 to 1 ratio with larger quantities of hardener and resin. After some fiddling with it, it worked out pretty good.

The fabric had done rather well taking on the shape of the hull naturally overnight, and I was eager to get started. When I mixed my first large batch of un-thickened epoxy I soon found out that the roller system was somewhat slower and less economical all around than the putty knives. Further the bow turned out to be problematic as I had not cut the fabric to fit and left it just lobbed over the top. This made things tricky as it did not want to cut into the corner between the keel and hull. So I went ahead and trimmed it to where it laid right up next to the keel. I figure when I overlay the keel area with fabric it will overlap and create a good seam.

The stern was a tad tricky as well. I had cut the cloth last night to allow for me to overlap them and create a seam along the side. Yet this was once again somewhat difficult and I had to apply copious amount of epoxy and trim extra cloth to get it to stay.

I carried on into the evening and ended up stopping around six. I was able to get the other side of the bow epoxied yet I decided to stop around a quarter of the way down the hull on that side. Reason for this was because the weather said it was going to get below 55 tonight and I do not think my heaters can keep the temperature in the shop up all night long. So I figured allowing what I had done sufficient time at 55 degrees was more prudent. I plan on picking back up tomorrow where I left off and continuing.

I hope to get the hull clothed this weekend so I can have it ready to paint by next weekend. My buddy and his wife are coming over to help with the painting; which is good because I hate painting. Unfortunately I have drill this week (it’s a makeup drill) so I will be out for Tuesday and Wednesday. God willing we will be able to make the hull ready for paint by next weekend.

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