24 March 2017: Ahoy all! Well what a past few weeks.

As I stated, my older girls came down and we had their spring break. Some work was done on the boat, but it all sort of blended together.

Since all we have been doing lately is faring, it has not to anyone’s surprise I am sure become pretty monotonous. Yet we are getting ever so much closer to actually clothing this thing! Which I am sure most of you are like “yeah, yeah, you said that how many times now”.

Currently I am debating whether or not I can sheet this hull in steps. Like applying layers of cloth and letting them dry individually. I see no reason why this cannot happen and it will allow me to cloth it sooner if this is possible. Since I am inside and am not really concerned with the weather halting my advance (shy of cold temperatures). Further I think that doing it in stages will actually be a tad easier and more controlled as it will be less of a rush or fight against fatigue. I shall have to see.

Until than it is more and more sanding. Which if you are doing this boat building thing, you better get used to sanding. It is simply a fact of life.


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