8 March 2017: Well life has been extremely busy lately shipmates. I have recently moved National Guard units and I am hurriedly trying to get to my required schools. College has also started back up and this has brought its own unique stresses. Thus I have had very little to almost no time to gather people and cloth the hull. As I am not the only one with obligations lol!

Yet what I am doing when I am able is to fill ard fare what is left on the hull. As well as getting the shop ready (i.e. Clean) to cloth the hull. This means moving a lot of stuff that has not been moved in years as well as vacuuming, wiping etc.

I am picking my older daughters up from their mothers this Friday, so if I can get a few nice warm days over the upcoming week I may be able to cloth the hull with them. I think that would be really cool to have them there. Yet I will likely get one of my buddies over here to assist as well, probably make things easier.

2 thoughts on “Updating everyone on the boat.

  1. Great job With the boat! I have just resently bought the plans of the Mark v28. I Will start this summer got fix à place where i can build the boat. Keep up the good job.

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