Training the Cloth to the Hull.

March 31 2017: Ahoy everyone!

Well exciting news, I was able to get some of the cloth on the boat for a dry run and to “Train” it to the hull. I have read that it is a good idea to have the cloth lay on the hull at least overnight so that it can fit naturally to its contours and lines. My reading has stated that this will make it much easier when filling the weave with epoxy due to not having to constantly fight wrinkles.

Prepping for this was a tad easier than I expected it to be. I was talking with my father a while ago and he cited that Epoxy naturally bonds to wood better than almost any other adhesive. He told me this during a call when I asked him what sort of prep I should do before clothing the hull. So I went ahead along with the assistance of Savannah vacuuming the hull with my shop vac and wet wiping with damp rags. This was to ensure all the sawdust and debris was removed from the surface to allow for a good clean bond. It took roughly about an hour and we decided to let the hull air dry while we ate supper with the kids.

My lovely wife further decided to aide me with both the port and starboard sides of the hull and emplacing the cloth for training after supper. I decided to do these sides first before running the center piece of cloth down the keel and skeg as well as over the transom (because my cloth is to narrow to allow for anything else). To accommodate this, I plan on leaving the inner portions of the port and starboard cloth (about two inches worth) dry so that I can wet seam the last piece (keel piece) of the polyester to them. In other words the last bit of cloth running the skeg and transom will be wetted out with the un epoxied or “virgin” side pieces together. I don’t foresee a reason why this will not work but who knows, I have been wrong before lol.

Hopefully I can get enough time tomorrow away from my school stuff to wet out the cloth. I have my putty knives ready as well as the foam rollers (recommended by Mark) ready to go. Thus we are sitting on go and eagerly awaiting to get at it!

(Training the cloth)

(after the wipe down)

Some pondering and of course more sanding.

24 March 2017: Ahoy all! Well what a past few weeks.

As I stated, my older girls came down and we had their spring break. Some work was done on the boat, but it all sort of blended together.

Since all we have been doing lately is faring, it has not to anyone’s surprise I am sure become pretty monotonous. Yet we are getting ever so much closer to actually clothing this thing! Which I am sure most of you are like “yeah, yeah, you said that how many times now”.

Currently I am debating whether or not I can sheet this hull in steps. Like applying layers of cloth and letting them dry individually. I see no reason why this cannot happen and it will allow me to cloth it sooner if this is possible. Since I am inside and am not really concerned with the weather halting my advance (shy of cold temperatures). Further I think that doing it in stages will actually be a tad easier and more controlled as it will be less of a rush or fight against fatigue. I shall have to see.

Until than it is more and more sanding. Which if you are doing this boat building thing, you better get used to sanding. It is simply a fact of life.


Updating everyone on the boat.

8 March 2017: Well life has been extremely busy lately shipmates. I have recently moved National Guard units and I am hurriedly trying to get to my required schools. College has also started back up and this has brought its own unique stresses. Thus I have had very little to almost no time to gather people and cloth the hull. As I am not the only one with obligations lol!

Yet what I am doing when I am able is to fill ard fare what is left on the hull. As well as getting the shop ready (i.e. Clean) to cloth the hull. This means moving a lot of stuff that has not been moved in years as well as vacuuming, wiping etc.

I am picking my older daughters up from their mothers this Friday, so if I can get a few nice warm days over the upcoming week I may be able to cloth the hull with them. I think that would be really cool to have them there. Yet I will likely get one of my buddies over here to assist as well, probably make things easier.