February 5 2017: What a wonderfully warm day. It was in the fifties today as a high so I figured working on the boat to be appropriate.

I decided to use the warm temperature to mix up some more talc and epoxy to finish creating faring compound. This was done of course after taking my new angle orbital sander to the chine of the boat. Sanding the side and bottom panels of plywood until they were seamless.

The epoxy I had applied the other day however seemed to still be somewhat tacky and malleable. I am chalking this up to the low temperatures from yesterday as it took all my heat lamps and portable heaters to maintain a warmish temperature on the epoxied areas. It is just now starting to harden up.

I think it may be prudent to halt applying epoxy if I cannot at least get the interior of the shop to 55. I have lately been banking on the hope that even if the shop thermometer reads forty degrees, the direct heat sources I have will warm up the affected area to the requisite temperature. For the most part this has worked; even if it has taken a much longer time for the epoxy to finish curing. Yet I am always a nervous wreck because epoxy is expensive and I certainly don’t want to waste any. So waiting till the shop itself is at least at 55 (and projected to remain there for at least two hours) may be the way to go.

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