4 February 2017: Well the other day it finally happened, I had a tool bite the big one! It was my Black and Decker 3×18 Belt Sander. What is worse was that my wife had bought  me several new belts the very day it happened. I was down to just my angle grinder and my mouse sander.

However my wife came through on letgo and got me an angle rotary sander, I can say it works great. Further I today bought a new skil belt sander of the same size as my late one. Now I am ready to fare the hull further and am excited to do so.

While all of this sander issue was going down, I was able to fare and refill the port forward hull with more epoxy. That being said, the Talc based epoxy is awesome for faring and has really made itself a worthwhile buy. I will no doubt continue to use it even though it is a massive pain in the rear to mix. The way it fades and helps shape the hull is awesome!

(May it rest in piece)

(My replacement Sander from Lowes!)

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