Port Side Keel seam fared and cloth ordered.

14 February 2017: Well mates, spent the last few days applying epoxy down the keel seam (between the keel and the hull). Looks pretty good.

Today I went ahead and brought up my sanders to the hull and fared down the port side. It seems to have really worked out and I believe will do the trick come time to apply the cloth.

On an exciting note, I have ordered both the cloth and Epoxy to sheet the hull. The Epoxy should be here on Friday. All we need now is a few days of warm weather and a few good hands to help so we can sheet this hull!

Monotony but progress along the keel!

12 February 2017: Well the monotony of filling and sanding has gone on with good progress. Yet since it is so monotonous, I did not believe it warranted any highlights.

Yet what I have also done is apply more talc based epoxy down the keel, along the seam between it and the hull. This is done for a myriad of factors, one to improve waterproofing and second is to improve strength. While I have not done the entire length of the hull, I plan on finishing that up this upcoming week.

Once the all the epoxy has been applied along the keel seam, the next step is to (as you probably guessed it) sand to fare

it down.

More Thick Epoxy for the forward starboard bow.

10 February 2017: Ahoy shipmates, a gorgeous weather day in February allowed me to spread some more epoxy on the forward part of the starboard hull.

I mixed up some thick epoxy to maintain the line from the chine to the stem. Gooping it up pretty thick in certain low areas so as to maintain that line and profile. Hopefully tomorrow I can go ahead and sand that down to great effect.

More Sanding and a YouTube channel!

February 8 2017: Yet another day of sanding to fare down the forward hull. Pretty monotonous but it seems to be paying off as the hull is becoming seamless and looking great (or so I think but I could be biased lol!)

On another note, I have started a YouTube channel that will also be chronicling my build from here on out as well. In other words you get to hear my lovely voice describe the work going into my boat lol! The name is SudzyBoatbuilder if you do a search within YouTube. A link to the channel will be appearing shortly on this site.

Warm Work day in February.

February 5 2017: What a wonderfully warm day. It was in the fifties today as a high so I figured working on the boat to be appropriate.

I decided to use the warm temperature to mix up some more talc and epoxy to finish creating faring compound. This was done of course after taking my new angle orbital sander to the chine of the boat. Sanding the side and bottom panels of plywood until they were seamless.

The epoxy I had applied the other day however seemed to still be somewhat tacky and malleable. I am chalking this up to the low temperatures from yesterday as it took all my heat lamps and portable heaters to maintain a warmish temperature on the epoxied areas. It is just now starting to harden up.

I think it may be prudent to halt applying epoxy if I cannot at least get the interior of the shop to 55. I have lately been banking on the hope that even if the shop thermometer reads forty degrees, the direct heat sources I have will warm up the affected area to the requisite temperature. For the most part this has worked; even if it has taken a much longer time for the epoxy to finish curing. Yet I am always a nervous wreck because epoxy is expensive and I certainly don’t want to waste any. So waiting till the shop itself is at least at 55 (and projected to remain there for at least two hours) may be the way to go.

Perished Sander, but the Work Continues.

4 February 2017: Well the other day it finally happened, I had a tool bite the big one! It was my Black and Decker 3×18 Belt Sander. What is worse was that my wife had bought  me several new belts the very day it happened. I was down to just my angle grinder and my mouse sander.

However my wife came through on letgo and got me an angle rotary sander, I can say it works great. Further I today bought a new skil belt sander of the same size as my late one. Now I am ready to fare the hull further and am excited to do so.

While all of this sander issue was going down, I was able to fare and refill the port forward hull with more epoxy. That being said, the Talc based epoxy is awesome for faring and has really made itself a worthwhile buy. I will no doubt continue to use it even though it is a massive pain in the rear to mix. The way it fades and helps shape the hull is awesome!

(May it rest in piece)

(My replacement Sander from Lowes!)